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Don't just take our word for it! 

Since we are just starting up, we asked several people to come try our beignets and give us a review!  

- Cozette C. -

"You might think you're gonna have just one.  But you're wrong.  Accept your fate and order a whole bunch  They are super yummy! :)"

- Warner K. -

"I'm a student from Louisiana, the home of the beignets.  Having had many myself, I think Conte de Fee's beignets are delicious!  They remind me of home."

- Savannah M. -

"These beignets were so amazing!  The soft bread with powdered sugar really made me feel like I was in France.  I could eat a whole batch!"

- Britany P. -

"The beignets were beautifully made!  They were very enticing visually, and even more delicious to the taste!  Very professional and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth."

- Linus  R. -

"A good beignet is hard enough to come by as it is.  The convenience presented by the delivery service only makes them better!  I couldn't recommend enough."

- Michael P. -

"The beignets were the perfect little treat!  When I ate them with a few friends, they went fast and were the delight of the night.  100% recommended."

- Justin W. -

"I had never tried beignets, but these things are really good!  They're a nice treat that I think anyone would enjoy.  Very well made. 10/10."

- Heather L. -

"These beignets were incredible!  I haven't had any since my trip to Disneyland and it's so nice to have a little taste of Disney available in Provo at all times.  Highly recommend!"